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Integrity ProCleaning, division provides packages for your home cleaning needs. Office cleanings are a flat $0.18 per square foot. Construction Cleanup are $0.15 - $0.25 per square foot based on scope of projects. Estimates or bids can be completed for all construction cleanup projects. Call for special discounts that may be available to you   

We are the experts in house cleaning, apartments, condominium and office.  With combined service industry experience of more than twenty years, we proudly service a 25 mile radius in Tampa & South Florida, Boston Massachusetts, Atlanta Georgia, Indianapolis Indiana, Glendale, Arizona.

We handle it all, from 1,000 square foot condos and townhomes to 15,000 square foot estates. We proudly serve multiple states and multiple counties. Simply call 877.502.5245 and we'll customize your pricing to match your exact cleaning needs and schedule your next appointment.


Integrity ProCleaning Packages

2 Hour - $150. Basic Maintenance Package / 1 Housekeeper (500 - 999 sq.ft)
This package includes: Sweeping and mopping of all floors-hardwood or tile. Cleaning up to 2 bathrooms, shower, toilet, sink, mirrors & bath counters. Vacuuming any carpeted areas (up to 650 sq.ft), NOT including staircases. Sanitizing kitchen counters and exterior of appliances & oven. Dusting of all furniture in common area only & not including breakable items - swifter dusting only. Changing of Sheet in Master bedroom.(sheets and comforter must be clean and ready for staff)


3 Hour $225. Advance Package / 1 Housekeeper
(1000 - 1599 sq. ft.) 
This package includes:
Sweeping and mopping of all floors-hardwood or tile. Cleaning up to 2.5 bathrooms, the shower, toilet, sink, mirrors & counters. Wiping down stove top and oven door exterior. Sanitizing your kitchen counter and exterior of appliances, oven and fridge handles & doors. Vacuuming any carpeted area, (up to 850 sq. ft.) NOT including staircases. Dusting of all furniture not including breakable items - swifter dusting. Cleaning of master bedroom + 1


4 Hour - $300. Premium Package / 2 Housekeepers

(1600 - 2200 sq. ft)
(.15 per square foot after 2200 sq. ft.) 
This package includes:
Sweeping and mopping floors-hardwood or tile. Cleaning up to 3.5 bathrooms, shower, toilet, sink, mirrors & bath counters. Wiping down the exterior of the kitchen cabinets-wood or glass. Sanitizing kitchen counters and exterior of appliances, fridge, oventop and door. Vacuuming any carpeted area, NOT including staircases (up to 1000 sq ft). Dusting of all furniture not including breakable items - swifter dusting. Cleaning of master bedroom plus 2 extra bedrooms. (sheets/comforter must be clean/ready for staff)

Let Integrity Take Care of It For You
Deep & Thorough Cleaning PACKAGES

Silver: 2hrs (500/1000 sq. ft.) $195.00 
 Gold: 3hrs (1000/1600 sq. ft.) $295.00
Platinum: 4hrs (1600/2200sq. ft.) $360.00
All Move In/Out MUST be Vacant/Empty

Service Items
All floors are Swept & Mopped, Closets & Cobwebs cleaned & removed
Surface of Baseboards, walls, doors, light switches and outlets are cleaned thoroughly along with window sills only. Bathrooms are deep cleaned tub, toilet, sink, shower, mirrors and countertops. Kitchen Cabinets interior and exterior are cleaned along with countertops. Interior and exterior Oven, Refrigerator and Dishwasher. Refrigerators are moved in order to clean under & behind. (must be on wheels)

A La Carte Items:
Complete cleaning of 4 ceiling fans in your home $25.
Collection of all trash in home and brought to proper area (no item over 25lbs) $15.
Wipe down baseboards and crown molding per floor $35.
Change out all towels in the home $5. (Towels must be left for staff)
Cleaning of Interior kitchen Cabinets $35.
Patio Cleaning $35
Cleaning of AC Vents $5. per

Interior Oven, Fridge, Celing Fans, Baseboards & Windows (Any 2 items for $60.)
Carpet Cleaning .45 per square foot and up
(Based on amount of rooms & number of stain removal required)
A La Carte Items Not Inclusive of ALL Services

Speak with a representative for more info on all of our services

Our goal is to ensure that we meet & exceed your expectations
& that you are happy with your home cleaning!!! 

Certificates or Coupon Vouchers may NOT be used multiple times and MUST be used in a single transaction. Voucher sales MUST pay gratuity and value rate directly to attending associate. Payment must be made IN FULL upon scheduling. We gladly accept VISA & MASTERCARD

(Coupon Sales DO NOT entitle redeemers to 2 cleaners on any package. Upon your request for 2 Associates on a Premium Packages you get 2 hrs. of service)
Regular price for the Premium package automatically entitles you to 2 Associates for a full 4 hrs.
Courtesy Cleanings are sometimes considered based on Associate QC Report & Client issues or grievances
(Rescheduling MUST be done with 24 hours notice. If you are not there when an associates arrives for your scheduled appointment, there is a $25 Administration Fee)
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